Why is Indoor Storage better?

Storing your RV or Boat indoors prevents damage from the sun’s UV rays, which will deteriorate the roof, paint, tires, rubber moldings and caulking. Storing your vehicle outdoors will “cook” your interior and damage window treatments, tints and coverings, woods, upholstery and fabrics. Indoor storage will reduce all of these common problems:

•  Freezing of coolants and resultant engine damage
•  Bleaching or rotting of canvas covers and awnings
•  Rust or corrosion on chrome wheels or aluminum surfaces
•  Uninvited guests (birds, rodents, insects)
•  Rainwater buildup on canvas covers or water seeping into interior
•  Roof resealing and recoating due to cracking
•  Paint or gel coat oxidation, stains or black streaks
•  Vandalism, break in, theft or other unauthorized access
•  Burglars not able to know when you have left your home by your RV or boat missing from the side of your home